Show Preparation

Day prior to show and/or Shipping:

  • Wash and groom your horse (stable will be responcible for clipping and mane pulling
    unless you are other wise notified)
  • Pack your show trunk

  • Carry bucket for ring (ring-side bucket should include):
  • hoof polish
  • brush - soft or medium
  • towel
  • hair brush
  • fly spray
  • show sheen
  • hoof pick
  • one soft and one hard brush
  • Hoof conditioner
  • Liniment
  • show boots
  • Crop and spurs
  • Coolers or scrim sheet

  • Bucket and wash supplies (should include the following):
  • scraper
  • shampoo
  • sponge
  • vetrolin
  • Extra towels
  • Tack cleaner and sponge
  • Lunge line

Pack in the trailer or in your car:

Saddle, bridle, martingale, trunk
Be sure all tack is properly cleaned and bits are shiny! (no grass or gunk!)
Place in front of your horses stall:

Show halter, lead shank, shipping boots or wraps

Night before show:

Polish boots(do not polish the inside of boot-part that touches the saddle), pack jacket bag,
breeches, shirt & collar*, jacket **, thin boot socks, belt, pants to cover breeches, hat, hair
essentials ***, gloves, pack boots and boot pulls
Be sure collar is monogrammed and tight fitting to the neck.
Your jacket should be tightly fitted and the proper length to maximize your equitation.
Hair essentials include 3-4 hair nets, thin hair elastic band-same color as your hair, and
brush. Your hair should always be neatly done with no stray hairs or hair nets sticking out. It is
best to use two hair nets when putting your hair up to help keep in "fly aways."
Students under 11 wear braided pigtails and bows if their hair is long enough. Make sure you
have ribbon or medium to large bows that match your show shirt.
Always be ready and dressed 15 minutes before you get your horse ready so you are properly
prepared for your class and do not have to rush and possibly compromise your appearance.

Morning of the show:

Spot wash your horse
Brush and show sheen

Appearance before entering the Ring:

Paint horse's hooves, wipe and shine riders boots
Be sure riders hair is O.K.
Be sure horse boots/polos are on for Equitation and off for Hunters
After your class:

Stay off horses back as much as possible at shows.
Always move up saddle (if necessary) and loosen girth between classes if time permits
Clean saddle mark with towel.
Stand horse in shaded area.
Offer H2O and fly spray often.
Keep covered with cooler in the cold weather and fly scrim in the summer.
Keep yourself neat between your classes

If it is a two day show rider is responsible for bathing horse after the first day and letting horse
dry before returning to stall!
Please ask if you need help!
Horse shows are meant to be learning experiences
and above all FUN for everyone! Lets all work
together to make 2008 our best show season ever!
Rolling Ridge Farm would like to thank the great
group of parents and supporters who make our show
experience possible

*pictured above maryhatton bobo and her mom
allison oxford.