Services We Provide

We offer full stall board which includes:

*watering  to meet the horse's needs(at least three times                       
*water buckets cleaned daily                
*Adequate hay (checked at least three times daily)
*Quality feed program tailored to individual horses
* stalls cleaned twice daily
*Turn out to suit your horse's needs (day or evening)
* winter blanketing at owner's request
*fly spray (owner provides fly spray)
*unlimited access to arena,round pen, trails and tack room

Stall board is $300 per month

We offer pasture board which includes:
*water(troughs cleaned regularly)
*feed and hay (as needed)
*pasture horses will be checked at least once daily
*consideration to each horse's needs and personality
* Run in shelter
*blanketing and fly masks at no additional charge
*unlimited access to arena,round pen,trails, and tack room
Pasture Board is $125 per month

additional services to be preformed at additional charge:
*special care (injury or illness)
* farrier and vet services to be billed to owner on board                           
              statement.(with no handling fee)
*exercising and some training

**supplements also added to feeding with no additional charge
when owner provides supplement and instructions

Coming attractions:
*by next spring we hope to have our fly system installed!
Arena lights before next fall and New footing this summer!
Rolling Ridge Farm
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