Rolling Ridge Farm-Barn Rules
1. There is no such thing as a “dumb question”; when in doubt – ask.
2. There is absolutely NO SMOKING within 100 feet of the stable.
Please completely extinguish and dispose of cigarette butts
3. All areas (groom areas, tack room etc.) must be picked up and left
tidy after use. If equipment is broken while in your use (cross ties,
snaps, etc.) please notify the stable.
All minors must wear a helmet while mounted. Adults must wear
helmets while jumping.
5. Children must be attended while using the jumps. If the jumps are
broken while being used outside of a lesson, that person must pay
to have it fixed or replaced.
6. Children and guests are not to be left unattended and are boarder’s
responsibility. If guests wish to ride your horse, they must fill out
a “Hold Harmless Agreement” before mounting.
7. Use of STABLE or others BOARDERS tack, equipment, or horses
is not permitted without consent of STABLE or other BOARDER.
8. Stable has various tools and equipment that are dangerous and
should not be used by guests or children. Boarders are to use this
equipment only if familiar with the equipment and authorized by the
9. All chemicals must be properly marked and stored in appropriate
10. Please be considerate to other boarders. Foul language, loud
music, etc., may not be appropriate.
11. Alcohol and drugs are not permitted on the property.
12. Please do not ride in dangerous weather conditions.
13. Conserve electricity and water by “turning off” when not in use.
14. To avoid potential medical concerns, please do not feed the horses
any hay or feed without stable’s permission.
15. If you open a gate……..Close the gate.
16. Do not chase, harass, or hit the animals on the property, including
but not limited to, the horses, dogs and cats.
17.Do not use, move, tie, bring out of stall or pasture any horse that does not belong to
you              without permission from the owner and barn manager.
18.Horses are never allowed to be "loose" outside of designated pasture areas under any         
circumstances! Horses must have halter and lead rope and be held or tied at all times!(no
19. Children under 18 must be under a parent or guardian's care at ALL TIMES. This includes
ride times and in pastures when not involved in lesson programs. Friends and siblings are always
welcome but may not be left unattended
20. Students must be picked up ON TIME from lessons unless other arrangements are made in
advance. Parents who are more than 15 mins. late without making prior arrangements will be
responcible for a $15 late fee!
Please call before your child's lesson begins if you need to
make arrangements for a later pick up time and be aware that this is not always possible.
Attention parents, students, and boarders:
Effective immediately violation of barn rules may result in loss of privileges repeat
violations may result in you being asked to leave the facility!
We love ALL our customers and want to maintain a safe and user friendly facility for
our horses and our customers