About Us
Rolling Ridge Farm
Rolling Ridge Farm is a family owned and operated facility where
everyone (and every horse) is treated like a member of our
family while still maintaining a professional atmosphere. Tatum
Williams the farm's owner/manager/riding instructor has 15 years
experince and is dedicated to helping each student learn proper
and safe riding techniques. Each student is given personal
attention no matter what their riding goals. Many of our students
attend local and rated horse shows while others ride just for
enjoyment. Our boarding family is made up of all ages and
interests so there is something here for everyone. Please feel
free to stop by and visit or site often as there are always new
and exciting things going on or stop by and visit our facility for a
tour or to shop at our on site tack store A Bit of Tack.
The farm has been in the family for over seventy years and
Graham and Tatum Williams are committed to maintaining a high
quality of care and stability for the horses that live at Rolling
Ridge Farm.
Lesson Horses- more pictures
coming soon!
Biscuit- our small welsh/shetland cross
pony does beginners and lunge line. He
has been with our farm for four years.
Born a Star- star has been with our farm
since summer of '08 he is a TB cross
gelding and is great for beginners or
advanced riders.
Jackson- has belonged to Tatum the
farm's owner since 1999 and started our
lesson program. He really enjoys his job
and works with adult beginner and even
more advanced riders. He still loves to go
horse show!
April- "bust my bubbles" is a great
addition to our farm family. She is a
young small pony who is great with
our youngest lesson students as well
as our small teenagers she loves to
show and loves attention!
not pictured
Chance- a great pony who mostly
does beginner and lunge line now.
She is a farm favorite as she looks
like spirit.

Bama- is free leased to the farm and
is a great mare who teaches our older
beginners. She is a beautiful
black/and white paint and everyone
loves to love her!

*also many thanks to all of our
customers who make their
horses/ponies available for use in
our lesson program!
These include:
April(big april)
and William